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An enthusiastic bunch of creative people who work towards adding life to your brand

TEQIZER is a leading information technology firm that has been operating in the field of development, graphic design, web design, and digital marketing for over 7 years. Like most businesses we began as a small start-up, meaning we understand the trials and hardships that smaller companies face early on.

We believe we can relate to any business, because we’ve fought through the troubled waters and emerged successful. Our past has given us experience, including work with both small and large multinational companies who we still provide support services for to this day.

Why clients choose us?

TEQIZER is the company that will bring your business needs together, and provide a solution that meets all of them. We’re a technology company with a passion for our industry at the heart of the business. My name is Partha B. and I head up the team here at TEQIZER. I’ve been working in the Advertisement & Web design and Software development industries for many years, and that experience helps benefit the team here at TEQIZER. My team is young, bright, enthusiastic about their work, incredibly talented, and extremely creative. TEQIZER is a team of designers, developers & consultants who are excited about everything related to modern technology & AI.

Don’t just take my word for it, book a free consultation to find out more today! Every new potential client gets a free one hour consultation meeting, regardless of whether you go on to use us. Our team of professionals will politely greet you and get to the bottom of your business needs in an attentive manner that will make you feel like the only client we’ve ever had. This consultation has no strings attached, and we’re happy to discuss the realities of bringing your business or solution online with an informative conversation.

  • 2000+ Projects Completed
  • 8+ Years of experience
  • 500+ Agencies & Clients
  • Cost saving solutions
  • Long term support
  • 99.9% Ontime
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We're proud of our effortless work & relentless support for wide range of brands worldwide

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