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Ready CMS platforms are the best solutions at affordable cost

A CMS (the abbreviation for content management system) makes it possible for those without programming skills to easily manage their website. Adding images, articles, products, and much more is quick and easy thanks to simple user interfaces.

As experts in CMS website developments & solutions, TEQIZER can help you build a beautifully designed website around an easy to use CMS in order to make maintaining your website sustainable.

The top 7 advantages of using a CMS to Run Your Site:

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  • User friendly features, easy to distribute content.
  • Supports any size business & cost-effective solution
  • Instant content and image update
  • Improves collaboration and sharing
  • Quick, easy integration of pages, blogs, menus, etc.
  • Thousands of market resources free and paid
  • CMS tools are search engine friendly

30 Percent of all websites use a content management system

Using a CMS is so simple that around 30 percent of all websites use one. With a number of different CMS solutions to choose from it can seem quite daunting when considering the integration of one in your website. TEQIZER can guide you through the benefits and limitations of each CMS, helping you choose the right solution for you, and developing it for you in your website.

Developing Solutions for a CMS

We’ve worked will many content management systems in the past, and we can develop a solution to your needs if one doesn’t already exist that we can integrate.

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    Design websites

    Around a CMS
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    Customise CMS

    Website Templates
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    Build Responsive

    CMS Websites
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    Develop blogs

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    Migrate websites

    To a CMS
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    Develop Security

    Solutions for CMS
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    Build plug-in

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CMS Solutions Apply to any Industry

We’ve built websites that use a CMS for many industries. It doesn’t matter what a website does, a CMS makes it easier to manage, update, and build upon for brand and marketing purposes. Some of the industries we’ve built websites that use a CMS for are:

  • Catering
  • Travel
  • Event
  • E-Commerce
  • Entertainment
  • Further Education

Keeping Costs Low For You

Many businesses have a website that uses a custom CMS, however these require a lot of time and thought when designing not just the website itself, but how the CMS will work. A pre-existing CMS makes the development process of a website faster, keeping the cost of the build low for you. TEQIZER specialise in creating great-looking websites around CMS, keeping our client’s costs down without compromising on the functionality of their website.

Low cost doesn’t mean that a website using a CMS can do any less than another website. CMS solutions have been developed to the point where they are some of the most powerful tools available for many basic website needs, including search engine optimisation, cookie management, and security.

Benefits of Using a CMS Solution

TEQIZER are specialists in enabling a website to take payments and process transactions from customers. It might be that a client already has a website where they showcase their goods, and they want to take their business to the next level. By allowing consumers to purchase products from you online, your reach increases immensely. Having a simple payment method that’s also flexible, allowing for as many different forms of payment as possible, is key to having a successful e-Commerce website.

If consumers don’t feel safe in this final, and most crucial stage of the transaction, then it can lead to lost sales.

  • Search engine optimisation enabled
  • Low cost for development and maintenance
  • Anyone can learn how to use a CMS
  • You have complete control over the website
  • Many add-on solutions exist to meet your growing needs over time
  • Developing new solutions for a well-known CMS is easier and cheaper than for a custom one
  • A website using a CMS can be customised at any point
  • Blog or marketing implementation and adaptation is fast and secure

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