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Payment gateway integration company

Experts In All Kind Of International Payment Gateway Integration

Integrating payment solutions with your existing systems is not only time consuming, it can be extremely complicated. By partnering with Teqizer you can rest easy in the knowledge that the payment solutions you need to be integrated with your website will be seamlessly added. Our expertise cover dozens of different payment solutions that we’ve integrated with well over 200 websites.

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Our developers work with your website and payment APIs to transition in new options for your consumers to pay with, whether they’re the first you’ve ever used, or another one in the list of payment options you host.

Some of the payment solutions we can integrate with your website are:

Teqizer can implement payment solutions for any industry

With our wealth of knowledge in payment solution integration we’ve worked across many industries, including:

  • Payemnt Pharmaceutical


  • Adult

  • Travel

  • Payment eCommerce


  • Shipping

  • Auction Websites

  • Real Estate

  • Investment

We are Indian payment gateway specialists

Since Teqizer have years of experience working with Indian payment gateways, we’ve developed scripts that help integrate them with websites easily and quickly. The benefit this expertise brings to you is a simple process that’s cost effective. Teqizer even have specialised testing protocols in place that are ready to go whenever a new client needs payment gateways adding to their website. We keep the price down on our payment gateway implementation so you can keep costs down for your customers.

Helping you find the right payment solution

For this client we developed an e-Commerce application that allows consumers to purchase items from anywhere, simply by accessing the application. The payment solutions for YALLAUTLOB needed to be ones that consumers would find easy to use, preferably ones that they were familiar with.


We discussed which payment gateways would be best for the application with the client, and created a list of the top ones that needed to be included. As a result of this process we were able to advise our client on several other payment gateways that their customers would find beneficial, opening up YALLAUTLOB to far more consumers thanks to additional secure and well-known payment solutions.

Helping you find the right payment solution

The right payment solution for your competitor might not be the right one for you.

Our clients hire us because of our high success rate with integrating new payment solutions for their websites. As part of our process, when a client approaches us about adding payment solutions we always hold a structured meeting with them in order to identify the right payment options for them.

Do you need to offer every payment gateway option?

There are many varying payment gateways, all of which have different API requirements. We believe it’s important to discuss why a payment solution needs to be added, because it could be possible that one will serve the same customers as the other. Including every payment gateway is possible, but it can be timely and expensive to implement. That’s why we work with every client to make sure they have the payment solutions they require for their consumers, nothing more and nothing less.

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International Payment Gateway Integration Company