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Privacy Policy

Teqizer is dedicated to providing the best service that means we also make sure that all of the information conferred by you is kept under lock and key. In the entire website, Teqizer will be known by various names like ‘we’ or ‘us’ which represent us. We make sure that all of your information is kept a secret when clients visit our website. By no means will the visitor come to know about your internal business affairs or information through the website. Only the knowledge which you state to discuss is shown over the website. You should be aware that to keep up with the technology, we may be upgrading the website from time to time without prior confirmation from you. The best way to check the utility of the website is regular visiting.

The information which we need

Teqizer will be seeking your personal information to create your image and identity of the business and incorporate the idea on your website. The information we seek may include your full name, email address, mailing address, contact phone number, name of the industry and other information as and when required. Any information regarding financial transactions are also listed on the website and is open to the public for viewing.

Maintaining your confidentiality

Under no circumstances will Teqizer divulge your information until and unless it is required. The conditions under which we may share your details include:

  • Approval of sharing the details by the client himself
  • While working with the partners and shareholders we may be sharing some information about you so that they can bring a good name to our business and attract potential customers to sell our services and products and vice versa. We may also seek help from third parties to provide customer service in which case giving your details is apt. We will also be sharing details for database storage, direct marketing, and financial transactions for our interest in providing quality service. Depending on the kind of service we are seeking from third parties, your details will be shared adequately. We will make sure that the third party service we intake takes a great number of measures to conceal your identity.
  • In case Teqizer finds out a threat to its business, we will be compelled to divulge company identity. In the case of violating the agreement, the company will take a stern step and protect its integrity; the business details may be shared.
  • When asked by the house of law, Teqizer will be constrained to reveal the information. But don’t worry, without any legitimacy we will not do so. This may be in case of any investigation or judicial proceedings where we would look forward to cooperating with the law enforcement authority. Any information can also be shared in case we feel a threat to our personal safety or our business wings like the website. This will be done to prevent any breach and stop illegal or criminal activities.
  • In case Teqizer steps forward for any kind of partnership or merger with another company, the information and details will be shared for convenience.

Security is our ultimate goal

Right from the inception, we have pledged to provide utmost security to the details shared by our clients. At our service, we have utilized high-end technologies to prevent any kind of breach of security. We have even set up security personnel for the additional security feature.

Utilization of cookies

The definition of cookies states that it is a small parcel of files which requires added permission to be saved in the user’s device. The cookies are stored in the device only once when the website is opened for the first time and works consecutively in analyzing the traffic. According to your search history, the website of search results will be displayed to you. It will customize your experience over the internet. It will go on understanding and analyzing your attractions for better result.

We may be rolling out cookies experience depending on individual likes. Don’t be worried about the cookies alert as these are temporary files and the information is removed afterwards. The cookies assist us in analyzing the acceptability of the website and which web page is visited by the users the most. Be assured we don’t get any kind of information from your computer when you accept to download the cookies. If you don’t like the cookies to fetch your favorites, you can easily decline the acceptance or manually remove the cookies from your computer afterward.

Additional website links

While visiting Teqizer website you may get access to a number of links to other websites. These are meant for your knowledge. However, we don’t take full responsibility for the additional links and when you are clicking on any one of the links you will be redirected to a separate website. We are not sure of the privacy offered by the websites and so we don’t take the responsibility of these extra websites. These websites don’t fall under the purview of our privacy policy and hence have a good look at the caution before going further.

Restricted use of personal information

You may choose not to reveal your personal information in various ways:

  • You can uncheck any box present in the website which directs you to fill up the fields as these are used for marketing purposes.
  • In case you don’t wish to receive any kind of marketing information you can reach our customer care at +91 8777 8200 47 or email our support team at [email protected] and we will remove your information from our database and our team will not contact you any further.
  • We promise not to misuse or sell the information shared by you to any third party without your concern.
  • Teqizer may be sending you occasional promotional information from time to time to keep you updated about the latest technologies.
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