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Terms & Conditions

Illegal activities like piracy and spam

Teqizer is alert about any untoward activities which can be used to judge the legality of the company. From the inception, we believed in the objective of providing quality service without a complaint and so no illegal activities are appreciated. We don’t entertain spam, unwelcoming emails, warez hosting, piracy and malicious hacking. The final decision lies with Teqizer in case any of such activities have been initiated. In the event that any such activities are seen persisting, the agreement will be cancelled at once with any sort of refund. If necessary, Teqizer holds the authority to seek support from the law enforcement authorities to retain the goodwill and integrity of the company.

Child pornographic content

If found, any child pornographic content in the service rendered to you, the contract will be cancelled with immediate effect and any sort of refunds will not be entertained. Furthermore, the details of such clients may be passed on to the law enforcement authority for further verification and action. We will support the judicial authority completely without a second thought.

Negating hacking, spoofing and malicious attack

At Teqizer, we make sure that everything is performed as per the law. Any other exercises like hacking, malicious attack, sniffing, spoofing, phishing or anything similar is never permissible to be done concerning our services provided to a customer. If any such activities are found by Teqizer where the services are used unsuitably, stringent action will be taken and the final decision lies in the hand Teqizer. Any ongoing agreement or contract will be terminated at once without any refund. If required, Teqizer can also seek assistance from the law governing body.

Restoring from the backup

We are dedicated to the utmost service to the customers at all time. Hence, we also back up everything included in the projects from time to time for the record. In the event that you require the recorded back up even after cancellation and suspension of the project, we can help you for sure. We keep the back up for a period of 30 days after the cancellation or suspension of the project. You need to email us your queries within 30 days from the date of cancellation and we will provide you with the same in exchange of a charge.

Web Hosting Services

We make sure that you get quality service and this is why we follow stringent steps for Web Hosting Services. These steps are followed for the best service while securing the web servers. In case any unsuspicious activities are found tampering the security of the web server, strict actions will be taken and may also lead to cancellation of the project with no refund.

Provision of disk usage

No way can the content of a website be seeded from any other place other than HTML or similar pages which that be exceeding 10%. The content published on the website should be available to the public for free. The website should have a standard design and incorporated with HTML text. The website can contain permissible graphics. In case of downloading files or seeding videos, the entire data consumption should not exceed 10% of the total quota allotted.

Third Party Services

In case of any third party services rendered in the client’s website, the entire transaction should be born by the client. The services which can be taken from any third party will include domain name, server space hosting fees, SSL certification, backups and restoration, APIs, plugins, scripts and any additional payment gateway not available with Teqizer.

Modes of payment accepted by Teqizer

For the convenience of our customers, we have made sure that all major mode of payments is available to us for smoother transactions. We accept wire transfers, major credit and debit cards and PayPal. We also accept banking transactions like NEFT, RTGS and Cheques mailed to our office. So, you are welcomed to use any of the about methods for successful transactions.

Unlimited Web host service for emails

The unlimited web host service is created for smoother hosting of different websites. Hence, companies using corporate email IDs are requested to transfer the entire email content to Email Hosting Plan feature or use email applications to free up space on the server.

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