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Web application benefits many businesses and industries

For many companies web applications are absolutely essential, whether they run locally for an intranet, or need to be hosted on a server in order to provide access to millions of users through the internet.

Some of the features of web applications we've created in the past include

  • User Management System

  • Content Management System

  • Role & Permission Management Systems

  • Inventory Management

  • Online Ordering

  • Ticketing and Chat Integration

  • Tracking Integration

  • Payment API'S

An Application to Meet Your Needs

We can build a web application to meet any need you have. Whether you require an application to make online ordering more streamline, or a system that better manages the inventory of your business, we can develop a solution and integrate it with your existing systems.

In the past we’ve created applications that allow clients to interact with customers and visitors to their websites, integrating a ticketing system to help manage requests. We’ve also integrated a number of different Payment API’s for our clients, allowing them to offer multiple forms of secure payment systems to their customers. Whatever your web application needs, we can build a product to meet them.

Web applications can provide a number of solutions for your business needs. Lets Discuss A Project

A Functional Web Application That's User Firendly

If a user can’t understand an application then they won’t use it.

Our developers have a wealth of knowledge that allow them to create a web application that not only works well, but looks great. With expertise in a number of front-end technologies, including Ajax, Javascript, and jQuery, an application can be responsive and meet a client’s programming needs.

Do you want to take the risk of using an off the shelf design?

Our in-house design process allows us to work closely with clients to achieve the end-product they desire. Web applications should look good but also be functional, meaning the user experience needs to go from the home screen to the required location is as few clicks as possible.

A Development That Won't Break The Bank

The cost of developing a web application can prevent businesses from using them. We keep costs down by using PHP programming language for our web application development service which is secure, robust, and cost effective. We’re able to keep our PHP development so cost effective by using a two tier model that consists of both client side and server side scripting.

A huge number of companies use php technology for the development of their websites and web applications, around 82 percent.

Custom Web Development
  • Projects using php can be completed faster
  • You save money without compromising on your end-product
  • Developing a web application is easier for both developer and client
  • Complex problems can be solved with a single line of code
  • An active community means php is extremely secure
  • New features are being introduced every day

Access Your Web Application From Anywhere on Any Device

It should be possible to view and interact with a web application whenever and wherever you want. Some of the accessible web applications we develop include:

  • Desktop applications

  • Mobile and tablet applications

  • Browser web applications

  • Intranet-only applications

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