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Modern Website Redesign Services

Enhance Your Business Website Using Our Website Redesign Services

Websites need constant attention in order to keep them from becoming outdated or irrelevant. Without constant monitoring, the user experience of your website could get lost underneath a slew of new content, or simply become so old that no user understands how it works.
Our designers and UI/UX experts understand what users want and need from a website today, a need that is in constant flux. With Teqizer you can redesign your website so that it’s enabled for the modern user.

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Some of the ways we look at a website when we redesign it are:

  • Is it easy to use?
  • What was it built using?
  • Does all the functionality work?
  • Is it optimised for both SEO and users?
  • Does the design meet modern standards?
  • How is information organised?

Our Website Redesign Process

Considering all angles.

Does your website need a redesign?

When we work with clients on redesigning their website we always consider the best solution for them. Often this means a big shift away from their old website, but not before the user experience has been assessed in the design of the new website. This process ensures that the end result of all redesigned websites is a user-focussed portal.

We work closely with our clients at every step of a website redesign to keep their vision for their brand, and the user’s experience, at the top of our priorities. The benefit of a good user experience is that users will return to a website because of how easy it is to use. A drop-off in users due to poor design is often the reason many clients approach us for a redesign. As part of our web design process we will:

  • Sketch out the user experience before anything else
  • Design the website around the desired user experience
  • Develop the website, keeping the user's experience in mind at all times
Website Redesign Services
  • Sketch out the user experience before anything else
  • Design the website around the desired user experience
  • Develop the website, keeping the user's experience in mind at all times

User Interface is Key to a Website's Design

Without a well-planned UI a website can look as good as possible, but it won’t attract users because of how bad it is to interact with. Not only does bad UI affect users but it also affects SEO, preventing search engine crawler bots from efficiently scanning and indexing a website for any keywords. An easy to use interface reassures users and helps them identify your services faster and with ease.

The top 3 reasons to invest in UI are:

It helps with your website's SEO

Users can more easily identify what your business offers

Ease of use will make your website's design look more modern

A User Redesign is Essential for Social Media Integration

Social Media Converts Consumers
Social media converts consumers

Social media is a key part of every marketing campaign today. As such, it’s important that your website is integrated with every possible social media platform. Something as simple as being able to share a blog post or a product page might seem trivial, but users value this sort of interaction with a website. It’s often jarring when it isn’t possible to share anything at all.

Redesign Service
How can you convert social shares into sales?

Users will share a product they like with their followers and friends, but they’re also more likely to share a website if they find it easy and enjoyable to use. Optimising the user experience of your website through a redesign might be the best way to optimise social conversions.

Why should you use Teqizer?

We have designers with a wealth of experience in the industry, covering a wide range of web design aspects that includes redesign and user experience. We understand what users value most in a website today, and we bring that knowledge to each and every client when we redesign a website, or optimise the path a user takes from landing on a website, to making a transaction.

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